10 Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Published: 04th May 2011
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There's no two ways about it - hemorrhoids are not fun. They can be very painful and can cause stress because they can make you uncomfortable. They itch, burn, and hurt and can make it really hard to have a good time or sit down at work or go on a long car ride. Thankfully, there are things that can be done to help prevent hemorrhoids from occurring in the first place.

1) Eat healthy foods. One of the most important things to prevent hemorrhoids is to eat fiber. Fresh fruits, vegetables, oatmeal and other whole grains all help protect your body against forming hemorrhoids. These foods aid in good digestion, make it easy to move your bowels without straining and clean the walls of your intestines.

2) Drink lots of liquids. The best liquid that you can drink is water. Drinking fluids helps promote good digestion and also helps stools not to become too hard. Fruit and vegetable juices are good, although you need to check the sugar content. Prune juice will help loosen up stools that are hard. Fluids put moisture into the stools which makes it easier to evacuate and thus prevents the need to strain.

3) Keep a regular eating schedule. It can be difficult sometimes, but when you practice a regular eating schedule, you will have habitual bowel movements. This will prevent difficultly in passing stools. Also, if you feel the urge to go, it's important not to wait, but go right at that time. Otherwise, the stool becomes hard and dry, making it harder to pass. Hard, dry stools require extra pressure to expel, which strains the rectal walls and causes the veins and tissues in the area to swell. This is the very thing that causes hemorrhoids to form in the first place.

4) Don't lift heavy objects any more than necessary. When you lift objects that are too heavy for your body, you strain your muscles, but you also strain the tissues and veins within the rectal walls. If you need something moved that is too heavy, ask someone else to move it or use a machine so you can avoid putting pressure on your body.

5) Don't sit too long. When you sit too long, you put pressure on your rectal walls. Getting up and moving around can help prevent hemorrhoids and keep the blood flowing throughout your body.

6) Keep your weight in check. It has been proven that obese people have a greater tendency to develop hemorrhoids. This is because of the extra pressure on the rectal wall. If you have a tendency to develop hemorrhoids and are overweight, you might try to eat healthier foods with more fiber. You will not only feel better, but you will also prevent health issues from arising.

7) Exercise as much as possible. Staying active will help your body to function as it should, particularly your digestive system. Exercise will help you void wastes without straining and also help you lose weight. For those who exercise regularly, constipation and diarrhea are less likely to occur.

8) Take vitamins and supplements. You might want to consider taking some natural supplements if you are having trouble with your digestion. You can ask people in a health or nutrition store to help you find the right products. Digestion and bowel issues can often be helped with these products. Even a stool softener can help prevent issues with constipation which often leads to hemorrhoids.

9) Only use the toilet to relieve yourself. Too many people sit on the toilet and read or talk on the phone. While it may be a great place to escape, it's not healthy for your rectal walls. Pressure is put on the walls of your rectum when you sit for that long, putting weight on the veins in that area. When these veins begin to bulge, that is how hemorrhoids are formed. It's wise, therefore, to use the restroom, wipe and get promptly up. Do not spend time sitting there to read, work puzzles or chat on the phone.

10) Wipe yourself carefully. The anal area needs to be kept clean and dry. After evacuation, carefully wipe with damp toilet paper or a wipe and then carefully wipe it dry. Don't rub briskly or leave any fecal matter, as these actions will cause irritation of the rectal tissues which can cause hemorrhoids.

Most people have had to deal with hemorrhoids at one time or another, even though they are quite painful and irritating. Pregnancy or age can sometimes make hemorrhoids form or make them worse. In those cases, you can't do much except take better care of your body to help prevent them from developing or growing worse. Even when someone gets an occasional hemorrhoid, there are many good products on the market today to help get rid of them as quickly as possible.


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