How Ergonomics can Help Pregnant Women

Published: 03rd February 2010
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Pregnancy is a time of both excitement and anticipation. As you await the birth of your child, you will have many physical changes. Your body will stretch as your baby grows within you and along with this, you will experience new aches and pains.

All women are affected differently by pregnancy. Some women are hardly bothered by their changing bodies while others seem to be sick and feel awkward from the very beginning. Although it is great to have the support of others, do not become frustrated if your symptoms are unique when compared to others. Pregnancy affects all women differently because we all have different bodies to start with.

One thing that is normally a problem during pregnancy is sleep. You will likely be taking naps and feeling quite fatigued during the first part of your pregnancy. As your pregnancy progresses, however, you will find it harder and harder to find a comfortable position to sleep in. During the last three months of pregnancy, most women experience insomnia, staying awake until the wee hours of the morning. Thankfully, there are several ergonomic products available to help you get comfortable so you can rest and sleep.

A cradle sleeping pillow is specially engineered to help you relax and get comfortable enough to get to sleep and stay asleep. These pillows are made of various densities and heights so you can get exactly what you need for a good night's rest. Because you will have more support to your body with the cradle pillow, you will be more refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up. Many pregnant women also find comfort by using a neck roll. Not as large as the sleeping pillow, the neck roll fits right under the neck, providing support and rest. In order to accommodate your needs, the neck rolls are available in various sizes.

A sleeping bean is another great product for pregnant women. Although these full length pillows are comfortable for anyone, they are especially great for pregnant women. Not only will you find support for your legs, back and hips, but you will also find that it will bend flex to any position that you need to find the comfort you need. With the sleeping bean, you will be able to take the pressure off of painful or uncomfortable body parts and get the sleep you need. Most women wrap their bodies around the bean and are able to get comfortable enough to get to sleep.

Another great ergonomic product that can help you sleep is a cradle pillow that will fit under your belly as you sleep. You will then be able to sleep on your side, which is what most doctors recommend for pregnant women. The cradle pillow is great also because it can be used later for nursing or recovering from your pregnancy. You will want to keep this pillow around for many uses.

So, there are many products available to help a pregnant woman get some rest and sleep through the night in the most comfortable positions. Obviously, pregnant women do not sleep all the time, however. Nearly half of all women in the United States alone will continue to work while they are pregnant, up until the time of their delivery. Therefore, ergonomic products can help with health issues both at work and at home.

One complaint of pregnancy is the swelling of legs, feet and ankles while walking or standing for long periods of time. During pregnancy, women tend to retain water and if too much swelling occurs, there can be other problems that can be risky for both mother and baby. An ergonomic product that might be able to help with this is an adjustable foot rest. A foot rest that is adjustable will allow you to raise your feet and legs to a comfortable position where they will receive adequate blood flow and also prevent strain to your back and legs.

You will definitely want to consider buying a lumbar back support if you are going to be working at a desk chair. These supports will give your back comfort to help you get your work done. Most lumbar supports will fit in any type of chair, even the car, so you can have support while traveling or working. Of course, a spine wedge for the bottom of your chair will also help with circulation and take the strain off of your back, legs and hips. You can also use these for support between the knees in bed.

These are just a few of the ergonomic products that can help during pregnancy. Other products that can be helpful to pregnant women are an ergonomic office desk, anti-fatigue mats and lumbar cushions. There are many ergonomic products available to help give you the support you need during this exciting time in your life.


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